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About us

Best Transfer welcomes you to Crete, the largest and most populous island in Greece and the 5th largest in the Mediterranean. Crete is a cradle of cultural heritage, as the Minoan civilization flourished on the island as one of the most important ancient civilizations of Greece and has left us monuments of extraordinary beauty that we admire to this day.

Apart from its outstanding cultural heritage, Crete is considered one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean with beautiful locations waiting for you to explore. Best Transfer is waiting to take you or guide you to the beautiful monuments or the beautiful locations of the island in order to spend fantastic moments of relaxation and exploration always in safety and comfort while enjoying the famous Cretan hospitality of the residents.

Our aim at Best Transfer is to provide you with comfortable, safe, and stress-free transport to and from any destination you choose.

The drivers of Best Transfer meet all the necessary requirements, as well as all the necessary documents as defined by the competent authorities in order to provide you with the most comfortable routes on the island. Always with courtesy and a smile, they are ready to serve you at any time of the day with professionalism and with our always clean cars.

Our drivers have more than 10 years of professional experience in the transport and tourism sector and they will be waiting for you upon your arrival at the airport by mentioning your name on a specially designed sign for immediate service. We check all flights in order to be aware of any delays in order to be there before the plane lands at the airport so that upon your arrival there is not the slightest delay for your departure to your destination. Best Transfer’s cars are all state-of-the-art, meeting all the specifications as defined by the Ministry of Transport, they are air-conditioned, always clean, and in compliance with the regulations for covid-19.

Best Transfer and our drivers are waiting to welcome you to our island to live a magical experience in the wonderful places of Crete.

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Giannis Aggelis

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